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Founder and Principal Consultant Robert Fortenberry is a Visionary Thought Leader with Over 30 years in Information Systems as a Software Developer, Project Manager, Consultant, Executive, and  Entrepreneur.  Broad background in Airline/Transportation, Logistics, Manufacturing, Paper, Energy, Automotive, Finance, Insurance Services, Defense, and Security sectors.  Experience includes Strategic Missile Command and Control Systems, Alternative fast path technical training, Human Resources Information Systems, Industrial Automation, Workflow Automation, and Corporate Executive Support Systems. High energy progressive executive and consultant with proven track record of successful industry leading innovations.  Deep technical expertise in numerous fields of information science and technology.  Published credits in Human Resource Information Systems and corporate information security. 

Life-long learner with insatiable appetite for science, technology and human history.  Considered a leading expert in human cognition and human rapid skill acquisition as applied to accelerated training in Information Technology fields. 

Created nationally recognized FastTrack’D Enterprise Java Training Program to address shortage of domestic full stack java software developers.   FastTrack'D was regarded the first and perhaps only successful program to reliably produce work-ready enterprise java developers.  Created Tech901's Code 1.0 developer training program to support the economic development of Greater Memphis area by upgrading the technology base and supply of sought after software development resources.  Pioneered targeted training methodologies to make information technology careers accessible to the under-served urban community.  Actively support military veteran recruitment and training into Information Technology careers. 

Veteran of the United States Air Force.  Maintained the Automated Command and Control System for SAC's ICBM leg of America’s strategic nuclear deterrent triad.   Held Top Secret SBI security clearance and SAC’s Personnel Reliability Program for access to nuclear materials.  Selected for special technical expertise to serve on Alternate (war) Battle Staff to survive and maintain defense operations in the event of nuclear attack. 


A fervent supporter of education and improving America’s technical workforce, as a volunteer, mentored multiple  Florida and Tennessee middle and high school students in engineering and robotics with student teams winning numerous local, state, and back to back national robotics championships. Sponsored and mentored several successful university IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) competition teams including a record three first place finishes in the IEEE Open Hardware Competition.  Supports and provides technical leadership to the Tech901 organization dedicated to building the Memphis technology job base by creating and supporting a better technical workforce and those who employ them.  

​Studied electrical engineering at Oral Roberts University. Certifications in Nuclear Safety, Management, Quality Control, Statistical Quality Management, C, Java, STEP Software Testing, and ISO27001 Information security management informed by IS031000 Risk management.  Interests include electronics, engineering, robotics, matter condensate physics, and origin cosmology.  Study and enjoy public lecture series by the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics. Volunteer and support annual IEEE Student hardware competitions.  


 "He who does not know can know from learning"

Symbol of knowledge, life-long education and 

continued quest for knowledge  .. Adinkra Dictionary

About our Symbol...

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